Berkana's Dreaming in Color








Perlino splash overo
Color tested: Aa Ee CrCr
Born: 05-05-2010


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Here we introduce you to Berkana’s Dreaming in Color. These colorful boy was born at our friends stable Stal Berkana. Dream is a perlino splash overo, which we expect he will grow about 85 cm in adulthood. He is very well built, high on the legs, long neck and good movements. He also has a very sweet character. Dream is registred with the BMP & NMPRS and is bred 50% AMHA, through his father Millennium Eclipses Victory. Dam Klaartje has welsh blood throug her dam line, which is reflected in Dream’s beautiful long legs. Dream has now been schooled as a driving horse. He is doing great and runs both single, double and four in hand!

Sire Millennium Eclipses Victory is a beautiful American perlino stallion who has big names from the American Miniature Horse world in his pedigree: Skippers White Eclipse, Gold Melody Boy, Wittmaacks Eclipse, ... He’s an approved stallion for AMHA, NMPRS and BMP and has already a great offspring.

Dam Klaartje is an NMPRS and BMP registrated mare with the special color palomino splash overo. She received a good second premium at the NMPRS.

 At his first show Dream won a nice third place at the colts section and he was second in the color class, most beautifull solid colored horse.

 Dream has now also been colour tested. His results: chesnut factor E / e - agouti A / a - cream Cr / Cr - splash Spl / N. This is to say that Dream is a perlino that can pass the colors buckskin, palomino and smokey black. He is also splash and can therefore pass this on to his future foals.

Dream was approved as an NMPRS licensed stallion on April 6, 2013. He covers by an NMPRS breeding certificate. The BMP also accept these certificates.






Berkana’s Dreaming in Color V. Millennium Eclipses Victory V. Skippers White Eclipse  
M. Darmonds Silver Bell  
M. Klaartje V. Eckington Van De Nijkamph  
M. Dieuwertje  


Klik hier voor de pedigree van vader Millennium Eclipses Victory!




Grote Prijs van Zottegem 2010 Colts - 3th place
  Color class - 2de place
NMPRS Hengstenkeuring 2013 Approved