DB Double Dilute Luke








Born: June 07, 2007
DNA tested / Parentage Qualified


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Here we propose DB Double Dilute Luke, a perlino stallion of 83 cm with an incredibly sweet temperament. Thanks to its perlino color he can pass the loved colors buckskin, palomino, and smokey black. Luke is an incredibly nice horse. He came to us at the age of five and two days later he was already schooled as a driving horse, like he had never done anything else. Luke was purchased to be at the front of my four in hand driving team and it looks that he will heed this task.

Luke was imported from America and thus has a unique bloodline for Europe. His sire is Far Vista Farms Little Buckeroo, a buckskin son of the famous Boones Little Blue Buckeroo and a Buckeroo's Top Cat dam. Through sire's side Luke is three times bred back to the world famous Boones Little Buckeroo.

 Dam Hylands Golden Autumn is a beautiful palomino mare that had several international foals. Her foals often were the herdsire's or dams of some very famous miniature horse stables. Often she gave with a cream-colored stallion, her cream gene, leaving many of her descendants with a double dilute color.

Luke can cover some limited AMHA / AMHR mares. He will also be showed at the following BMP Stallion Show. If you are looking for a nice little stallion with an exceptionally good character, a good pedigree and in addition a nice color, then Luke is the stallion you need! He was tested for color and these are the results: Agouti A / a - Red Factor: E / e - Cream: Cr / Cr. This means that he is a perlino and that he can pass the color buckskin, palomino, and smokey black.







V. Far Vista Farms Little Buckeroo V. Boones Little Blue Buckeroo V. Boones Little Buckeroo
M. Boones Little Star Light
M. Boones Little Buckeroos Tinkerbell V. Buckeroos Top Cat
M. Boones Little Blue Kitten
M. Hylands Golden Autumn V. Hylands Johnstons Champ V. Johnstons Little Star
M. Hashs Golden Comet
M. Hylands Golden Lady V. Johnstons Gold Nugget
M. Johnstons Red Lady


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