Lucky Four Wranglers Dazzle








Silverdapple tobiano
Born: May 17, 1995
DNA tested


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Dazzle is a beautiful and sweet silver dapple tobiano mare. She was bred at the famous Lucky Four Ranch in America. After spending some time at the famous Alameda Farm, she was flown to the Netherlands by Juim of Moonlight Farm There she was recruited by Jacqueline Jaspers of Jacky Stables and we bought this beautiful mare again from Jac. Thank you Jac for this wonderful opportunity!

Dazzle is homozygous black, which means that we never could get a chestnut foal, she is heterozygous for silver and tobiano, we always have 50% chance of a silver or a tobiano foal with her. Her father is the well-known HNFS Wrangler. Her mother, Sorrel Samples Little Dream is a granddaughter of the proven SAMPLE, the founder of the breeding of overo-Van-Lo bloodlines. More info about Sample click hier. Few AMHA mares have these bloodlines in their pedigree. Dazzle already has some beautiful foals, all still very small in size. We look forward with eager anticipation to the foals she will give us!!!






V. HNFS Wrangler V. Quartz Lamp Light Van't Huttenest V. Blaeberry Van't Huttenest
M. Lakme Van't Huttenest
M. Shadow Oaks April V. Shadow Oaks Paul Bunyan
M. Shadow Oaks Tiny Miss
M. Samples Sorrel Little Dream V. Alexander of M&M Miniature Horses  
M. Samples Samplette V. Sample


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BMP-show te Torhout 2010 3th place senior mares
BMP merriekeuring te Oudenaarde 2010 2nd place new approved mares category B, approved with a 2nd premium
  3th place breeding mares










AF Silver Celebration
(Green Acres Blackberry Grand x Dazzle)
1998 merrie
Eigendom van Twistwood Ranch Amerika
geen foto beschikbaar AF Winterhawk
(Van Lo's Samples Overo Pride x Dazzle)
1999 hengst zilverdapple overo
Eigendom van Barry Russell.
geen foto beschikbaar AF Platinum Pride
(Van Lo's Samples Overo Pride x Dazzle)
2000 merrie zilverdapple overo
Eigendom van Diane Haspell
geen foto beschikbaar AF Premier Pride
(Van Lo's Samples Overo Pride x Dazzle)
2002 hengst zilverdapple overo
Eigendom van Judith Kurth
AF Coronado
(AF El Dorado x Dazzle)
2003 hengst
Eigendom van de Alameda Farm Amerika
AF Magic Midnight
(Witmaacks Mickey Mouse x Dazzle)
2004 hengst
Eigendom van 4K’s Miniature Horses North Dakota Amerika
JS Shameless Vanilla Sky
(Shameless x Dazzle)
2007 merrie
Eigendom van Mariska Selman, Little Chapel Stables Nederland
JS She’s The One
(Challenger x Dazzle)
2008 merrie
Eigendom van ?
MDR's Dazzlicious Buckadorable
(MH Eurobuck x Dazzle)
2010 merrie
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