LMS Made In Missouri








Silverdapple pinto
Born: March 12th, 2007
DNA tested / Parentage Qualified


First premium stallion!


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We are proud to introduce you to our American stallion LMS Made in Missouri (abbreviated Youri). A beautiful silver dapple tobiano stallion of 78 cm. Very well built, elegant movements and a beautiful long arched neck, all in one small package! Youri earned a first premium as a foal at NMPRS! He is also AMHA, AMHR, BMHS and BMP registered He is AMHA Parentage Qualified and has a Gold Seal! His DNA and color were tested. He can give you a foal in the following colors: silver and silver tobiano, black and black tobiano, sorrel/chesnut and sorrel/chesnut tobiano. You always have 50% chance of a tobiano or a silver foal with him!

His beautiful tovero mother Briar Patch Hope Ya Dance was purchased in America by Linda Tromp of Linda’s Miniatures at the Briar Patch Ranch At the time of purchase Dance was pregnant with Youri, hence the name Made in Missouri! Dance came to the Netherlands where Youri was born. On June 28, 2008 Youri moved from the Netherlands to Belgium to enrich our stable! We thank Linda for the wonderful opportunity to purchase this beautiful colt. His mother Dance is an extraordinary tovero mare with beautiful markings and colorful blue eyes. A super luxury type with very graceful movements. Dance has tested positive for the LWO gene and thus can inherit the beautiful framed overo pattern. She received 3 years in a row a first star prize at the NMPRS and gave in three years time, three first premium foals. For this Dance immediately was declared PREFERENTIAL superstar at this young age ! His father MDHR Carroussel Buddy (son of Taylors White Cloud) is still in America, so for Europe he has a new, very interesting bloodline.

Youri is an approved stallion for the following studbooks: AMHA, AMHR, BMP, NMPRS and BMHS. Youri has al ready a lot of show experience, but as top of the bill, he won a high demanded first premium at the BMP stallions show 2011!

Meanwhile, Youri gets the chance to grow and we start to work a little bit with him. We have done some basic work and he was also trained as a riding horse. We have already started with the basic principles of liberty dressage. We are very enthusiastic about his work ethic!

Youri has now been sold to Lize Geraerts of Stal Geraerts. We wish her ​​every success with this wonderful stallion!


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V. MDHR Carroussel Buddy V. Taylors White Cloud V. Dell Teras Little Joe I
M. Dell Teras Miss Maryland
M. Boones Little Rosebud V. Buckeroos Little Master
M. Grandpas Honey Bunny Boo
M. Briar Patch Hope Ya Dance V. Circle S Double Eagle V. Bar LS Bright Beginning
M. Stouts Little Dancer
M. Briar Patch Hot To Mollie V. Shadow Lake Hot Stuff
M. Cooks Bambi


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MHCE Dutch Open 2007 AMHA Mare and Foal - 1st place
  Open Mare and Foal - 1st place
NMPRS Merriekeuring 2007 1st premium
MHCE European Championships 2007 AMHA Colts - 1st place
ICAMH Miniature Extravaganza 2008 Yearling stallions - 2nd place
NMPRS Pinkstershow 2008 Kwaliteitsklasse - 3th place
  Multi Colour - 1e place
MHCE Dutch Open 2008 AMHA Yearling Colts under 30" - 3th place
  Open Yearling Colts under 30" - 4th place
  Open Liberty - 2nd place
BMP Show (Torhout) 2008 Multi Colour - 2nd place
BMP Hengstenkeuring 2009 Two year old Stallions Categorie A - 1st place
BMP Show (Gent) 2009 Two year old Stallions - 3th place
BMP Show (Aalter) 2009 Two year old Stallions - 1e place (ex aeco)
Grote Prijs van Zottegem 2009 Two year old Stallions - 4th place
BMP Hengstenkeuring 2009 Approved breeding stallion
NMPRS Hengstenkeuring 2010 Approved breeding stallion, 2nd premium / 5th place
Grote Prijs van Zottegem 2010 Liberty - 3th place
BMP Hengstenkeuring 2011 Breeding stallions cat. A 1e premium - 2nd place
  Three year and older stallions cat. A - 2nd place
BMP Show Gent 2011 1st place driving horse
  3th place multi color
  5th place jumping































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