MDR's Titans Red Spotted Kisses








Sorrel Leopard Appaloosa
Born: June 25, 2010


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Totally unexpected she was born, she was only for 304 days in mommy's warm belly, but fortunately everything went well and this little girl is our mini-family expand:

MDR's Titans Red Spotted Kisses

She is small, but with long legs, has a noble head and she has spots! What are we so happy with our sorrel leopard girl! It seems that this little girl will conquer a lot of hearts !

Spotty's father is the falabella stallion Titan. Titan is a young buckskin stallion (2009) who also is NMPRS registered. He has a very good falabella origin. His father is Tiago, another buckskin stallion who covers for both the falabella as the NMPRS studbook.

Spotty's dam is our AMHA mare MH Tuffs Bisou, a black leopard spotted mare. It is from her that Spotty has received her spots. In Bisou her pedigree are some very big names include: Lucky Four Thrillers Tuff 'N Rowdy, NFC Rowdys Thriller, Rowdy, Little Americas Little Tex Husseler, Little Americas Sesquicentennial Tex, Xenon Light van 't Huttenest and the very famous ancestor Orion Light van 't Huttenest.

Spotty contributes 50% excellent AMHA and 50% excellent falabella blood, so the best of both worlds. Spotty will be registered NMPRS and BMP . We find that this is a horse with show quality, so you can expect her at some shows!






MDR's Titans Red Spotted Kisses V. Titan V. Tiago V. Mordez
M. Paola
M. Tanja V. Oliviero
M. Alegria
M. MH Tuffs Bisou V. Lucky Four Thrillers Tuff'N Rowdy V. NFC Rowdy's Thriller
M. Shadow Oaks Regal Splendor
M. Rusperfields Yankee Doodle Lady V. Little Americas Little Tex Husseler
M. Hidden Meadows American Maid


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BMP Merriekeuring Oudenaarde 2012 Weanling mares cat A: 4th place with a score of 76%