Lord Latimer





German warmblood gelding
Born: May 05, 2013
Height: 1m65
Rheinisches Pferdestammbuch
Dwarfism test ACAN N/N


pedigree - photos ]


Lord Latimer is a beautiful warmblood gelding that we call Lord. He came to us at the age of 4, still completely unbroken. We ride dressage with him under the saddle and also drive him in the carriage. He is our future for the sport and he is also used in the elegance rides.

The Lord has a nice paper. He descends from the legendary Lord Loxley, who produced a lot of good dressage horses. Grandfather Lord Sinclair I and great-grandfather Lanciano also did well in dressage. Weltmeyer does not need an introduction anymore, he is a legend in itself!

On his mother's side he descends from Latimer, a stallion who also proved himself on dressage level, but who died fairly early. Mother Donna Latimer vd Heide has Saint Cloud and Partout, the horse that Anky used to ride, in her ancestors. So dressage blood guaranteed!



V. Lord Loxley V. Lord Sinclair I V. Lanciano
M. Cleopatra
M. Weltlady V. Weltmeyer
M. Weinlady
M. Donna Latimer vd Heide
V. Latimer V. Saint Cloud
M. Lara XII
M. Donna Pila vd Heide V. Partout
M. Diva III