MDR's First Magical Entertainment


"First Magic"




black sabino homozygous splash overo
Born: June 1st, 2011
DNA tested / Parentage Qualified
Dwarfism test ACAN N/N


First premium stallion!


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An unique one, that was what went through my head as I sprinted into the stables at the birth of First Magic and admired him for the first time! He got the best of both mom and dad! And yes, we are incredibly proud to introduce to you this handsome homebred boy, the accomplishment of our breeding, our dream for the future:

Here he is:

MDR's First Magical Entertainment! 

We had never hoped for it, but yes it was a great succes! Several years ago we bought our very special mare Sandy. A beautiful silver splash mare that had everything we could wish for: correct conformation, long legs, incredible moves and on top she's a real eye-catcher, what a color! Our friends from stal Laureas acquired during that period a similar colt Caluka Uk Colour Of Magic, also splash and sabino carrier with a beautiful Arabic head, small, very correct and a good mover. The combination of these two horses was something we had put our thoughts to and yes, the result is incredible! The first foal of both Sandy and Magic has been an instant hit! Both sire and dam have passed their splash gene, which makes First Magic a homozygous splash! To my knowledge there are not many homozygous splash horses and then certainly not as eye-catching as First Magic! First Magic will always give splash overo genes to his later offspring, what can make beautiful markings and blue eyes , but still he's 100% safe, because First Magic has no LWO- gene! Later he can be combined with all mares, even LWO positive ones. First Magic has now also been color tested and this shows that he inherited the sabino gene from his sire. He is a homozygous splash with black as base color and carries 1 sabino gene. His color dna: Agouti: a / a, Redfactor E / e. We also had him tested on the new splash test and this showed that he is effectively homozygous for splash, so Spl/Spl.

But not just color plays a role, even more than the color correctness and movements are important! And here again we can proudly say that he has received them all: beautiful head, long neck, good shoulders, long legs and he can move also! So what can a breeder want more? This boy we are keeping for our breedingprogram and shows. He has enormous potential in our view.

Sire of First Magic is Caluka UK Colour Of Magic, a beautiful splash sabino stallion of only 80 cm, but with the appearance of a great horse! He was at his first show already chosen the best foal and also on his next shows he still got very good results. His sire is the famous stallion Lucky Four Classy Colors. Paternal side he is a direct descendant of Rapid Transist Class Action, a grandson of the Roan Ranger Multi National Grand Champion Gingerbread Farms Rapid Transit. Dam of Caluka UK Colour Of Magic Chesnut Hills Wanda, is a red sabino mare, who was imported from America to England, currently standing at Caluka UK stud. She is already the mother of many national champions in both the U.S. and the UK.

First Magics dam is JS Let Me Entertain You (Sandy), our own favorite mare! She is silverdapple splash with beautiful blue eyes. And she has an impressive pedigree. Her sire is Cross Country Take My Breath Away, already a living legend because he was on all his shows Grand Champion and is already listed in the Hall of Fame. His sire is again the National Champion Lazy ‘N Red Boy, one of the founders of the overo bloodlines and a son of the famous Rowdy. Sandy's dam, the beautiful buckskin mare Erica’s Worth the Wait, is a daughter of Little Kings BT Buck Bandito, a special buckskin tobiano stallion who has won many titles, including several times Grand and Reserve Grand Champion and Champion of Champions. Bandito's sire is Ima Boones Little Buckeroo Too, grandson of the legendary Boones Little Buckeroo, which has proved enough in the past.

This beautiful colt has a pedigree full of champions and he is homozygous splash, built correctly and can move well, that's what we call: unique!

He is now also schooled as a driving horse and doing it very well!

In 2011 it was his dam Sandy who was seen worldwide on the AMHA-calendar, for 2012 the honor is to her son, First Magic. You can admire his picture in the month of May.






V. Caluka UK Colour Of Magic V. Lucky Four Classy Colors V. Rapit Transists Class Action
M. Golden Belle
M. Chesnut Hills Wanda V. Little Kabitzer
M. Little Old Lady
M. JS Let Me Entertain You V. Cross Country Take My Breath Away V. Lazy 'N Red Boy
M. Cross Country's Star Dust
M. Erica's Worth the Wait V. Little Kings BT Buck Bandito
M. Pegasus Plantations Chesapeake Bay


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BMP Merriekeuring Oudenaarde 2011 2nd place colts category B, with a score of 74,5%






















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