SKS Em Pacs Selu






Cremello (homozygous agouti, colour tested)
Born: April 10th, 2009
DNA tested / Parentage Qualified
Dwarfism test ACAN N/N


First premium stallion!


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Our newest addition in terms of mini horses is called SKS Em Pacs Selu, and what a great one he is! A unique, super well built stallion with good gaits and a very special color: cremello! He was tested for color and these are the results:

Agouti: A/A - Red Factor: e/e - Cream: Cr/Cr


This means that this little man will always provide diluted colours and then only palomino and buckskin may pass, no smokey black! He is a true color maker! With chestnut fillies this boy can only give you palomino foals, with other mares you can also have buckskins. He is very well built, nice long legs, long arched neck, good shoulders, long cross and he has super movements.

His pedigree is very good. Father Em Pac has already proven his services for shows and even produced some beautiful offspring which perform very well in the show ring. Em Pac himself is a US National Top Ten Reserve Champion. At the NMPRS shows Em Pac earned a first premium, three times and became therefore superstar. Thanks to his descendants ,who also dit it very well at shows, he became preferent. Em Pac has the famous Boones Little Buckeroo as ancestor. Also mother Pecan Groves Blonde Ambition did well in her younger years in the show ring in America. Then she was flown to the Netherlands, where she gave birth to a few foals. She also carries the famous Boones Little Buckeroo in her bloodlines, what makes Selu a double bred Buckeroo stallion. Selu was bred by Sandra and Rene of Stal Kee’s Sage in the Netherlands. Foalpicutures Selu also thanks to them!

So this is a colt with a future! Keep an eye on him in the upcoming shows!

And that he's a real winner, he has clearly demonstrated at his first show! He competed in the two year old stallions cat. B on the stallion show 2011 of the BMP and was awarded a first place with very nice comments from the judges. They found him a very correct horse with a beautiful topline, correctly on the front and rear legs and a very good movement. He went home that day with the title Youth Reserve Champion Cat. B. Also in the preparations for his first participation it became once again clear how good is his character! Were all horses but so easy to shave and to train like him! We are therefore incredibly proud of this unique stallion!

Meanwhile Selu has been schooled as a driving horse, and he is super at single and double driving. Selu was approved in December 2011 as a breeding stallion for the BMP with a high score of 78,8%! In April 2012 he was also approved for the NMPRS. He is a licensed stallion for following studbooks: AMHA, AMHR, BMP and NMPRS.


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  V. HCM Bucks Em Pac V. Little Kings Almighty Buck V. Boones Little Buckeroo
M. Little Kings Buckeroo Cameo
M. Marks Yogas Ima Super Charmer V. Yoga Light Van't Huttenest
M. Runnin BaresLovely Lady
M. Pecan Groves Blonde Ambition V. Wittmaacks Little Skipper V. Prince Buckingham
M. Dippers Dolly
M. French Broads Lady in Red V. Mini Hoofs Toy Boy
M. Princess Too Tough


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BMP Hengstenkeuring 2011 Two year old Stallions Categorie B -1e place
  Reserve youth champion cat. B.
Show Zottegem 2011 Two year old Stallions - 4th place
  Solid colour - 2nd place
BMP Hengstenkeuring 2012 Breeding stallions cat. B - 3th place
  approved with a 1st premium and a score off 78,5%.
NMPRS Hengstenkeuring 2012 Breeding stallions, approved - 3th place
NMPRS Hengstenkeuring 2013 Breeding stallion mini size - 3th place


















































IMH Selu's First Golden Delight (2013 palomino mare, European Reserve Champion MHCE, EBBO en AMH weanling fillies)




MDR Selus So Special Entertainment (2013 silverbuckskin mare, 1st premium NMPRS, 2nd and 3th place BMP)




MDR Selus Golden Shiloh Kisses (2013 palomino mare, 1ste premium NMPRS, 2 x 2nd place BMP)




IMH Wonders Queen of Hearts (2013 palomino mare)