SSF Em Pacs Bonfire






Perlino (colour tested)
Born: May 29, 2006
DNA tested / Parentage Qualified
Dwarfism test ACAN N/N



First premium stallion!


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We are extremely pleased to offer you our new stallion. Never thought that we could add this beautiful stallion to our driving team, but luckily Melanie Hendriks of Diamonds of Kingswood was willing to sell us this stallion:

SSF Em Pacs Bonfire.

Bonfire is a Perlino stallion of 85 cm with an incredible movement, a wonderful attitude and a great character. His small, fine head stands out and this you certainly see by his descendants. His foals are so far all very refined and are very good movers. This really is a proven stallion! Bonfire was therefore approved by the NMPRS with a first premium. Also for the BMP, he was approved with a first premium and a very high score of 80.5%

Bonfire is a very easy stallion who also is a good drivng horse. We will use him in our four in hand driving team and he will also be used as a stud stallion. He was tested for color and these are the results:
Agouti A / a - Red Factor: E / e - Cream: Cr / Cr

This means that he is a perlino and that he can pass the color buckskin, palomino, and smokey black.

Through his sire he is also a half brother to our other stallion Selu. HCM Bucks Em Pac is a super sire and proves this yet thanks to these two wonderful sons. He himself was an America Top Ten U.S. National Reserve Champion. At the NMPRS he won three times a first premium and was thus superstar declared. Moreover, he was by the results of his descendants declared preference. A real topper!

Dam of Bonfire WF Bucks Cover Girl, is a palomino tobiano daughter of Little Kings Buck bij Buck, one of the most famous sons of Boones Little Buckeroo. Bonfire is double bred Buckeroo. Bonfire was bred by Silver Spring Farm.

Bonfire can cover some limited AMHA / AMHR / BMP / NMPRS mares. If you are looking for a unique stallion with a noble head, incredible movement, super origin, super character and also a nice color, then Bonfire is your stallion! All his offspring are very promising!






V. HCM Bucks Em Pac V. Little King Almighty Buck V. Boones Little Buckeroo
M. Little Kings Buckeroo Cameo
M. Marks Yoga Ima Super Charmer V. Yoga Light Van 't Huttenest
M. Runnin Bares Lovely Lady
M. WF Bucks Cover Girl V. Little Kings Buck by Buck V. Boones Little Buckeroo
M. Little Kings Buckeroo Cameo
M. Moss Hill Tiger Lil V. Goforth Little Bit
M. Burdettes Goldie


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TF AMHA Show 2009 Senior stallions 30"/32" - 3th place
  Solid Color- 6th place
AMHA European Championship Show 2009 Senior stallions 30"/32" - 3th plaats
  Liberty - 9th plaats
Miniature Extravaganza 2010 Model Stallions 2 jaar en ouder 34" en kleiner - 3th plaats
NMPRS Hengstenkeuring 2011 Breeding stallions first premium - 1b place.
BMP Nakeuring 2012 Approved with a first premium and a score of 80.5%.
BMP Show Torhout 2012 Solic Color: 1st place
NMPRS Hengstenkeuring 2013 Breeding stallions mini size 1st premium and 1b placing



























WP Bonfires Charming Prince (2009, perlino colt)  



DOK Bonfires Sparkling Jewel (2010, buckskin mare)




DOK Bonfires Senor Cyro (2011, palomino pinto colt)





DOK Bonfires Faith In Destiny (2011, perlino mare)




SVM Bonfires Buckshot Lefonque (2012, buckskin colt)




DOK Bonfires Golden Delicious (2013, palomino pinto colt)



DOK Bonfires Dazzling Delilah (2013, buckskin mare)




SVM Bonfire's Golden Angel (2013, palomino mare)