JS Let Me Entertain You







Silverdapple splash overo with blue eyes
Born: March 17th, 2008
DNA tested / Parentage Qualified
Dwarfism test ACAN N/N


First premium mare!


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We are proud to introduce JS Let Me Entertain You, shortly “Sandy”, to you. We want to specialize in unique colours and silver dapple is our favorite! We have a few horses in the chocolate-colored variant and now we have another variant: Sandy is a beautiful silver dapple splash overo mare with blue eyes. She was born at Jacky Stables in The Netherlands. Jac bought Sandy's mother Erica’s Worth the Wait to the known stable Erica’s Tiny Trotters in the USA. Worthie was pregnant when she was flown to the Netherlands, where Sandy was born a few months later.

Sandy has an impressive pedigree: Her father is Cross Country Take My Breath Away (short Taker), a beautiful silverbay overo stallion owned by Erica’s Tiny Trotters, already more than enough evidence in the show ring. He was a first prize winner at all his shows in which he participated and he even won the Grand Champion and Hall of Fame. This stallion is still in America. The father of Cross Country Take My Breath Away is the National Champion Lazy ‘N Red Boy, one of the founders of the overo bloodlines and a son of the famous Rowdy. Mother of Taker, Cross Country's Star Dust, is a Lazy ‘N Red Boy daughter, so there is some inbreeding in the super good Rowdy bloodlines, which is highly sought after in America. Sandy's mother is the beautiful buckskin mare Erica’s Worth the Wait, owned by Stal Berkenhof. She even gave birth to two beautiful little perlino colts, than Sandy, and then a beautiful buckskin filly. Worthie also comes from great champions. Her father is Little Kings BT Buck Bandito, a beautiful buckskin tobiano stallion who has won many titles, including several times Reserve Grand Champion and Grand Champion of Champions. Bandito's father is back Ima Boones Little Buckeroo Too, grandson of the legendary Boones Little Buckeroo, who in the past has proved enough.

Sandy has a pedigree with a capital P along both sides. Besides that, she has a beautiful special color with beautiful blue eyes, a tremendous charisma and Arabian head. She also has a phenomenal movements, so what else could you wish for! This is truly a horse that brings us hope for the future and we are obviously very proud of!

We hope for her later commitment to our breeding program, along with our silver dapple tobiano stallion Youri (LMS Made in Missouri) or the beautiful splash overo stallion Caluka UK Colour of Magic by Stal Laureas. This is not gambling, but color breeding! Sandy is a real magic box. She is herself silver dapple splash overo with beautiful blue eyes, so we hope she will also pass this. She is homozygous black and can not give us chestnut foals. Her father is a silverbay splash overo and her mother is buckskin. Sandy was tested by colour and these are the results:

Agouti: aa (negative) - redfactor: EE (homozygous black) - Cream: negative - Silver: nZ (heterozygous silver)
Splash: nSpl (heterozygous splash, could not be tested, but it’s sure that she is this).

Meanwhile Sandy has also been trained for the carriage.

Have some fun news: Sandy will be with her photo in the amha calendar 2011, look at the month of May.






V. Cross Country Take My Breath Away V. Lazy ‘N Red Boy V. Rowdy
M. Cross Country’s Star Dust V. Lazy 'N Red Boy
M. Hobby Horses Ebony Miss
M. Erica’s Worth the Wait V. Little Kings BT Buck Bandito V. Ima Boones Little Buckeroo Too
M. Stouts Fannie Mae
M. Pegasus Plantations Chesapeake Bay V. Komokos Casper
M. Pegasus Plantations Primrose


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BMP Show (Gent) 2009 Yearlingmares - 5th place
Grote Prijs van Zottegem 2009 Yearlingmares - 4th place
BMP Merriekeuring Oudenaarde 2011 1st place new approved mares category B, approved with a score of 71,75%
  Senior Champion category B
BMP Merriekeuring Oudenaarde 2012 Mares to approve cat B: 1st place, approved with a first premium and a score of 77%
  Breeding mares cat B: 1st place
  Mares 3 years and older: 1st place
  Senior Champion cat B
NMPRS merriekeuring 2013 1st premium



















MDR's First Magical Entertainment
(Caluka Uk Colour of Magic x Sandy)
2011 hengst
MDR Selu's So Special Entertainment
(Selu x Sandy)
2013 merrie
in own possession

MDR Vegas VIP Entertainment
(Circle S Painted Vegas x Sandy)
2014 ruin
in own possession

MDR Million Dollar Entertainment
(SSF Velvetbucks Phaeton x Sandy)
2017 merrie
In eigen bezit.