MH Eurobucks Wild Jasmin





Silverdapple grullo
Date of birth: April 14, 2015
DNA tested / Parentage Qualified
Dwarfism test ACAN N/N


pedigree - photo's ]

Jasmin was bred by Miniatures Hippodrome.

She is the last born foal of MH Eurobuck, who unfortunately died due to a tragic accident. That is why this mare is a special horse for me, her breeder and the owner of MH Eurobuck (Carine van Welden from, whom we will cherish.

Sire MH Eurobuck, a beautiful bay dun stallion, is the first descendant of the well-known Boones Little Buckeroo ever born in Europe to Ann and Kurt De Weerdt of Miniatures Hippodrome. He owns the Buckeroo bloodline on both father's and mother's side. His father is the well-known Boones Little Buckeroo 2nd. On mother's side we find Buckeroo's Top Cat. From birth it was clear that it was a special foal, MH Eurobuck has the "look-at-me attitude" like no other, which of course comes in handy in the show ring.

On her mother's side, her mother Fallen Ash Scouts Wild Orchid is a daughter of the legendary L&D Scout, who is a son of Orion Light of the Huttenest. She is a multiple champion producer, who also did very well on show.  




V.  MH Eurobuck V.  Boones Little Buckeroo 2nd V.  Boones Little Buckeroo
M.  Sheridales Quarter Pint
M.  Solid Gold Top Cats Lady V.  Buckeroos Top Cat
M.  NFCS Sugar Lady
M. Fallen Ash Scouts Wild Orchid
V.  L&D Scout V.  Orion Light vh Huttenest
M.  L&D April Lady
M. Fallen Ash Farms Goodbye Girl V. Soats Lil Cricket
M. Fallen Ash Farms Silver Fire