MH Tuffs Bisou


In memoriam






Blue Roan Leopard Appaloosa
Born: March 8th, 2002
DNA tested / Parentage Qualified
Dwarfism test ACAN N/N


1st premium mare!


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With Bisou we finally have spots again at our farm! We started our mini-farm with appaloosas, but when switching to AMHA horses, we did not find an AMHA appaloosa mare. Still, we dreamed of spots and see, a few years later we can again extend our stud with a beautiful black leopard spotted AMHA mare. But there is more than that! Bisou has also a well known pedigree. Her father is the beautiful stallion Lucky Four Trillers Tuff 'N Rowdy, a bay roan stallion that has spawned many champions and now is owned by BB Arabians in Denmark. His sire is NFC Rowdys Thriller, a son of Rowdy. A very famous bloodline. At her dams side Bisou comes from big names like Little Americas Little Tex Husseler, Little Americas Sesquicentennial Tex, Xenon Light van het Huttenest and the very famous ancestor Orion Light van het Huttenest. Little Americas Little Tex Husseler together with Bisou her granddam Hidden Meadows American Maid, were sold for a record amount to Paolo Gucci, with his well-known stud Rusperfield Farm. Granddam Hidden Meadows American Maid, won 13 championship titles in America in the year she was sold to Paolo Gucci. Bisou's dam, Lady Rusperfields Yankee Doodle, a fewspot mare, was bought at Rusperfield Farm by Kurt and Ann De Weerdt of Miniatures Hippodrome, They made the combination of her with Lucky Four Thrillers Tuff 'N Rowdy, it turned out a very successful combination, because the full sister Aand brother of Bisou, MH Tuffs Cookies N Cream en MH Tuffs Valentino did it also very well as a show horse. MH Tuffs Valentino won first place at the AMHA European Championship in September 2003 in the junior stallions, with 11 participants.

Bisou herself is a horse with a good character, but is also an energetic girl. She has nice large movements. As foal she got a first premium at the NMPRS. She has already had some foals that were always from very good quality. We can not wait to match her with our stallion SKS Em Pacs Selu and hope to have a beautiful palomino or buckskin appaloosa!

We will also be schooling Bisou as a driving horse, we think this is a discipline that she will fully enjoy and where she can put in her energy.

Bisou is now also colour tested. These are her results: chesnut factor E/e - agouti a/a - appalooza Ap/N.






V. Lucky Four Thrillers Tuff 'N Rowdy V. NFC Rowdy's Thriller V. Rowdy
M. Dell Teras Lady Grasby
M. Shadow Oaks Regal Splendor V. Shadow Oaks Paul Bunyan
M. Shadow Oaks Firefly
M. Rusperfields Yankee Doodle Lady V. Little Americas Little Tex Husseler V. Little Americas Sesquicentennial Tex
M. NFCS Living Doll
M. Hidden Meadows American Maid V. Shadow Oaks Freckles
M. Shadow Oaks Plain Jane


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NMPRS merriekeuring 2002 1st premium
BMP Merriekeuring Oudenaarde 2012 Mares to approve cat B: 5th place, approved with a second premium and a score of 74,5%
  Breeding mares cat B: 4th place
  Mares 3 years and older: 4th place
NMPRS merriekeuring 2013 2nd premium


















(MH Neptunes x Bisou)
2008 grullo hengst
Eigendom van Familie Seinstra.
MH Tuffs Mystica
(HCM Navajo Mystic Vision x Bisou)
2009 zwartbonte merrie
Eigendom van Stal de Kruyskouter
MH Tuffs Miranda
(HCM Navajo Mystic Vision x Bisou)
2010 vosbonte merrie
Eigendom van Stal de Kruyskouter
Nino de Puntos
(Tiago x Bisou)
2011 bruinpanterbonte hengst
Eigendom van Het Sarishof
MDR's Titans Red Spotted Kisses
(Titan x Bisou)
2012 vos panterbonte merrie
Eigendom van family Vekeman
  MDR Selu's Golden Shiloh Kisses
(Selu x Bisou)
2013 palomino merrie
Eigendom van Nena en Dennis Broekaert-Braekman

MDR Bonifique Cassiopeia (Scarlet)
(Bonfire x Bisou)
2015 palomino merrie
Eigendom van Isabel Van Den Hautte


MDR Magical Foxy Jack
(First Magic x Bisou)
2018 vos ruintje
Eigendom van Isabel Van Den Hautte


(First Magic x Bisou)
2020 in memoriam
Eigendom van Marije De Wit