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November 06, 2018: we became the proud parents of a beautiful daughter: Laurien Leijten. 
A few weeks before her pony Ricci came back home. Hopefully Ricci can also learn how to ride Laurien, as many children have learned to ride with her.


May 27, 2017: this day Gerard and me got married. It was a fantastic day and our beautiful horses were not to be missed.




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March 2017: Site has been updated



October 20, 2013: we were asked to give a demonstration with our minis on the opening of the new stables of Het Ruitershof at Horebeke. Together with Carine Van Welden of our friendly stable Hof te Ruitegem , we did an indoor game with two double pairs. We had First Magic and Toppy for the coach, who were for the first time on a foreign place, with a large audience and with loud music. Carine had MHB Eurostar and MHB Prince of Stars for the coach . It was a fantastic experience and the audience enjoyed! Toppy and First Magic did it super! Since we had an hour time for our demo, Carine suggested to put her horses in front of mine and also ride with a four-in-hand team. This was the first time ever for Toppy and First Magic and then directly to a general public! Fortunately, they did it all excellent and we got a well deserved round of applause! Photos of the demo can be found on the Four-in-hand page.



September 26, 2013: our friendly stable Laureas recently bought a new filly by the stallion Brookhaven Eagles Dark ' N Defiant and so it was that we just looked on the Internet for some info about this stallion. And so we got to the site American Miniature Horses where there was a very young filly that stole our heart! We dream so long of a black pinto filly with blue eyes and look ... there she was! Signed perfectly symmetrical , beautifully built and a pedigree for to say WAW! So yes, the purchase of GLS Indigos Wild Rebel was a fact! She still has a few months to stay with her mom until she is old enough to move, but for now you can already admire her on her page!




September 14, 2013 : this time it was the annual BMP mare show in our home town of Oudenaarde , so we were also present . We were registred in 6 classes and fell in all six of them in the prices! Our foal MDR Selu 's Golden Shiloh Kisses, won twice the second price in the class fillies category A and BMP foals category A. MDR Selu 's So Special Entertainment had a second place in the fillies category B and a third place at the BMP foals category B. And JS Let Me Entertain You was 2nd in the class broodmares category B and first in 3 years and older mares not to approve! She could also go for the senior championship and became 2nd . Despite the bad weather , so it was a very pleasant day !


September 11, 2013 : Our foals MDR Selu 's So Special Entertainment and MDR Selu 's Golden Shiloh Kisses were tested respectively splash and appaloosa . Although Special has no blue eyes, she turns out to be a splash gene carrier. That makes her a silver buckskin splash overo horse ! Shiloh has not the appaloosa gene , which we were expecting somewhere because she has no clear spots , no striped hooves or characteristics on the nose or genitals .



August 31, 2013 : We participated at the NMPRS mare show with our two mares JS Let Me Entertain You and MH Tuffs Bisou , along with their foals MDR Selu 's So Special Entertainment and MDR Selu 's Golden Shiloh Kisses. It was a very successful day : the two foals and Sandy all got a first premium , Bisou a second . Special even got a wild cart to participate in the foal championship and out of the 13 champion foals she belonged in the top 4 ! We received tremendous criticals saying that this was the best moving foal ! We were very proud of our own breeding products!



August 22, 2013 : Our stallion Berkana 's Dreaming in Color and our foal MDR Selu 's Golden Shiloh Kisses are sold to Nena and Dennis . We wish them a lot of fun with these special horses! Dream already left for his new home , Shiloh remains equally with us until she is old enough to leave her mum.



August 6, 2013: With proud we can announce our newest addition: LM Idols European Echo, a wonderful perlino yearling stallion, from the well known Limestone Miniatures farm. He is sired by the famous First Knights Billy Idol. See him at his page!



July 20, 2013: Our DB Double Dilute Luke is sold. We wish Maité Kestelyn a lot of fun with this fantastic boy!



June 3, 2013: The second and final birth of this year has past by again and luckily everything is super! Our Bisou has again given birth about 3 weeks earlier, but we were on air this time! Well, apparently she could no longer see that Sandy had such a beautiful foal, so she thought it was time for her girl to show to the world! Yes, yes, a filly again! A palomino girl a copy of dad Selu. Her name: MDR Selu's Golden Shiloh Kisses! However, a lady with a spicy character! She was born and was straight within 5 minutes! The first thing she then did was take a good jump! And yes, she makes her mom very clear what's on her mind! She is also a true crossing machine! Racing is her hobby!



June 1, 2013: Our first foal of this year and what a one is born! Sandy and Selu have made a beautiful silver buckskin girl! With a small arabic head and a little snip on her nose! And with a white rear foot, so even though she has no blue eyes, maybe she do has inherited the splash gene from her mother. What a fine figure and also very gentle character. Yes, I'm totally in love with our MDR Selu's So Special Entertainment!



April 6, 2013: The annual stallion show of the NMPRS went this year on Saturday, April 6 and so we went with three of our colts to Bunschoten (Netherlands). It was a long drive and a long day, but we went not without merit home. Berkana's Dreaming in Color was approved for breeding! SKS Em Pacs Selu got back a nice 2nd premium and our SSF Em Pacs Bonfire got a first premium and was 2nd in a very strong group with all big names!


We also showed LMS Made In Missouri again this year, our stallion that is sold to Lize Geraerts. He was also approved again for breeding with a nice 2nd premium!




September 15, 2012: an eventful day for us, that you can say! On this Saturday there was the BMP Mare Show. This was our last show of the season. We participated with 5 of our mares: Spotty, Cinderella, Buckadorable, Sandy and Bisou. And we went home with great results! Spotty got a nice fourth place in the fillies cat A. Cinderella took the 3th place cup at home and was third in the yearling mares cat A. Buckadorable was first in the two year old mares cat B. Bisou was studbook approved with 74.5% and it was Sandy who made the day complete! In the three sections that she was doing, she won the first place! She's also succeeded to renewel her results from last year and became Senior Champion Cat B again. She was approved studbook with a first premium! September 15th was also the day that Buckadorable, after her show victory, was allowed to leave to her new owner. With a lot of pain in our hearts we leave this wonderful mare, but we know that she will have a great home with Christien from Showtime Stables. And on that day we bought our new perlino colt Cream On Top. A beautiful horse who you can admire on his page!



August 19, 2012: on this very warm Sunday we gave a demo with our four-in-hand and also with our single driving team on the Horse Happening at Zottegem. There were different types of carriages with miniature horses can be seen as including a single driving two wheeler, a single driving four wheeler, a pair, a clover 3 and a four-in-hand. The audience was very enthusiastic about what you can do with such little horses! Photos can be found on the four-in-hand page.



August 2012: soon will the new Miniature Horse World magazine arrive, the journal of the AMHA studbook and we will herein be read with an article about our four-in-hand driving team. We are obviously very proud! If you want to read the article already in preview, you can find it here.





July 10, 2012: In our village Mater on July 10, the annual St. Amelberga procession is held. This year we decided to do this along with our two four-in-hand driving teams: Mario with the four friesian mares and I with the mini stallions. With this we had of course a lot of attention! Here is a picture:





30 June 2012, we participated at the BMP Show in Torhout with our four-in-hand driving team. We participated in two sections: the driving class and most beautiful solid color, and in both classes, we could win, so for us it was a successful show! Photos can be found on the 4 in 1 hand page.



June 25, 2012: a month too early and no single sign of an impending birth, yet she was there! Early in the morning our Bisou gave birth to a beautiful sorrel leopard girl! Her name is MDR's Titans Red Spotted Kisses and you can admire her on her page!



8 - 9 - 10 June 2012 via the BMP studbook we were contacted by the organization of Jumping Aalst. They wanted an unique show at the award ceremonies and had thereby brought something in mind with miniature horses. They had already been happy with a possibly pair driving, but they had never thought to have a four in hand driving. So here we go with our double dilute stallion four in hand team. Who wants to come and see us can do so at Jumping Aalst. We drive by every major awards ceremony. Entrance is free. More info and address can be found at www.jumping-aalst.com.


This event was a huge success for us. The stallions were super between their major competitors, though they have never done anything else. Photos of these can be found on the four-in-one-hand page. 



May 14, 2012: On the BMP late stallions show Bonfire was approved with a first premium and a very high score of 80.5%! We got both of the veterinarian inspector, as the jury commented that this is a lovely stallion with very good movements! We are very proud of this result! Bonfire is now an approved stallion for the following studbooks: AMHA / AMHR / NMPRS and BMP.



April 14, 2012: Selu is now also a licensed NMPRS stallion.



March 31, 2012: Unfortunately, very sad news today. Our long awaited foal, the first born of Selu and Flakje, unfortunately came dead into the world. The umbilical cord sat around the leg and it was already dead before birth. A beautiful palomino colt, fully to our expectations, very noble with long legs, a little Selu. It was not to be. Fortunately, with dam Flakje everything is back in order.



February 2012: Now we were just missing 1 double dilute to complete our four in hand driving team. Not an easy task to issue a suitable candidate. But with some courage we contacted Melanie from Diamonds of Kingswood whether their beautiful Perlino stallion SSF Em Pacs Bonfire was not for sale. And so is our fourth stallion for our driving team a fact. You can admire him on the page of SSF Em Pacs Bonfire.



February 24, 2012: Because we had a plan for a unique four in hand driving team of miniatures, there had to be made also unfortunately less fine decisions and we have with a lot of pain in the heart decided to seek a new home for Youri. Fortunately there were enough candidates and Lise Geraerts may call herself now the proud new owner of Youri. He will still be available for stud service, and Lize will often drive with him and will refine him in liberty dressage. We wish her a lot of success with this beautiful stallion! Today also our new addition to the four in hand driving team arrived. His name is DB Double Dilute Luke. You can view him on his page.



December 11, 2011: Selu was presented at the BMP stallion show by Willy Melckebeeck of Stal de Kruyskouter. He was approved as a licensed stallion and earned a first premium with a very high score of 78.5%. We are very proud with this result and are happy that the jury could value this wonderful stallion! We look forward to his first offspring!



November 2011: In 2011 Sandy was worldwide seen on the AMHA calendar, for 2012 it's her son who may perceive the honors. First Magic his photo shines in the month of May.



November 5, 2011: Totally unexpected, a new horse come to join our herd. We started our miniature farm with miniature appaloosas and dreamed for years of an appaloosa AMHA and now, she finally walked into our lives. You can count her spots on her page: MH Tuff Bisou



July 20, 2011: We were contacted by the television program "Boer en Buiten" asking if they could come with us one afternoon filming a documentary about miniature horses. This happened on Wednesday, July 20.There was an entire afternoon filmed for 3 minutes airtime. The report could be seen at the weekend of 5,6 and 7 August. Here by the link: http://www.tvoost.be/nl/programmas/tv-publiek/boer-en-buiten-minipaardjes-2011-08-05/



June 2, 2011: Dazzle is sold and has moved to her new home today. We will miss her, but wish her new owners lots of luck with this super mare and hope to hear often from her, certainly if Youri's foal is born next year! Yet another big news today, because we went to visit our newest addition in the Netherlands! You can admire her on her page: Dreamcatchers It's Midnight Cinderella! She will join our herd in August.



June 1, 2011: A very special colt is born: he's a black homozygous splash colt and he is gorgeous! See the page of MDR's First Magical Entertainment.



January 31, 2011: a new horse has arrived. See the page of Berkana's Dreaming in Color.



January 16, 2011: At the BMP stallion show Youri earned a high demanded first premium! Selu was also brilliant at his first show with an immediate first place in its category and he was also Youth Reserve Champion cat. B! With special thanks to Mr. Willy Melckebeeck from Stal de Kruyskouter to train and present Youri, he really looked great!



May 1, 2010: A dream of a filly is born! See the page of MDR's Dazzlicious Buckadorable



April 10th, 2010: Youri is now a approved NMPRS stallion. He has received a 2nd premium and a 5th place.



March 9, 2010: The English version of our website is now available and we have posted some new photo's by Youri!



Februari 16th, 2010: Our website is online!