Marije Jildau




Friesian mare Stb Ster
Date of Birth : 17-05-2004
Inbreeding Coefficient 2.93 %
Height : 1m57
Royal Friesian Studbook

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Marije came to us as a yearling . We went in November 2005 to the horsemarket in Hedel , the Netherlands . When we went up the market there was a man with only Friesian horses and the horse first in line was Marije . My eyes fell directly on her. I said to my friend: if she has a good paper and comes out of a star mare , I'll buy her . He said I was crazy! She did came from a star mare and yes she could move also . But my friend said , you 're not going to buy the first horse you see , let's look further. So we did indeed have a tour , but no horse could tempt me and so we quickly went back to the first seller . The sale was quickly riveted ! He had some other good horses to , including the half-sister from the same mother of Marije . This horse was called Femke Jildau and was a four-year old brood mare . She also moved back with us to Belgium , but unfortunately after a few months she deceased of colic with us. We are now so many years later and Marije has still been the best buy of my life ! What do I love that horse ! She is everything you could wish for !
It is a beautiful mare with a very sweet and cooperative character . She has very good movements.
Her long mane are unique ! They are more than 1m80 long, if they are loose , they depend a lot on the ground. Hence, her mane are always braided , otherwise it would not be possible to keep them.

Her beautiful manes she inherited from her sire Jasper 366. Jasper is a very well-known and beloved stallion at the KFPS . He himself had been ridden at grand prix level dressage and has already many offspring that do well in sports. Jasper is now stated preference , which means that he has produced, at least four approved stallions, a title that few stallions able to appropriate ! Horses descended from Jasper are known for their good character . They could have just that little bit more endurance , only their willingness to work make this more than good!
Jasper is descended from the stallion Olof 315, which in turn is a son of the legendary Reitse 272, also preferred.

Dam of Marije is the star mare Jildau . Jildau comes from a good bloodline . Marije comes from the mare line with number 024 . She has a very good paper with 3 times star and 1 times approved pedigree in the maternal line . Marije herself was declared star with a head place in her class at the breeding show of Wachtebeke 2008 with very positive reviews from the judges. We were so proud!

Marije is an all-round horse . She is driven both dressage and carriage driving for use in all possibilities . In our dressage demonstrations for Flanders Horse Expo , Marije was almost always there. Many people were charmed by her and found her a wonderful reference for the Friesian breed .
In the winter season of 2012-2013 we drove some indoor competitions with her , both in singles and in tandem . In 2013 we started with CAN 3 competitions at national level with a tandem and thereby Marije was used for dressage and cones as the back horse.

We gave a lot of demonstrations with our frisians , we drove elegance competitions, promenades , parades , etc ... Marije did all that work just fine. Both under saddle , in singles , tandem , three and four-in-hand teams. Currently Marije is being perfected in dressage , but also in driving we continue with her .

With Marije we have for the present bred just one time . She had a beautiful daughter , MDR 's Dark Gauke . Marije clearly has passed her qualities on to her foal . Gauke is really a quality horse very much like her dam ! Gauke was sold to friends , family Daneels - Vekeman and has since been trained with us. Mother and daughter were already together on the coach and also together in the parade in our village Mater .

We hope to have a lot of years of enjoyment of our beautiful Marije. She is really a top horse for me that has everything to continue with and make my dream come true!



V. Jasper 366 V. Olof 315 V. Reitse 272
M. Wieneke Stb Ster Prestm
M. Antje ut de Mieden Stb Ster Prestm V. Franke 251
M. Elskje Stb Ster Pref
M. Jildau B Stb Ster V. Remmelt 323
V. Oege 267
M. Elviraa Stb Ster
M. Nantje Stb V. Jochem 259
M. Gerda Stb Ster

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May 6, 2008 Halle Bedevaart (single)
May 11, 2008 Ommegang Elsegem (four-in-hand)
May 18, 2008 Ommegang Sint-Goriks-Oudenhove (four-in-hand)
July10, 2008 Ommegang Mater (four-in-hand)
July 13, 2008 Herzele Koetse (clover 3)
August 24, 2008 Breeding Show Wachtebeke - Star certified
August 29, 2008 Exam driving course ( four-in-hand )
28 February to 1 March 2009 Flanders Horse Expo Gent (dressage carousel )
July 10, 2009 Ommegang Mater (mounted)
September 20, 2009 Paardekijkdag Oudenaarde (four-in-hand)
November 29, 2009 Exam driving course ( single )
December 5, 2009 Sinterklaasfeest PZ Vlaamse Ardennen (four-in-hand)
26 to 27 February 2011 Flanders Horse Expo Gent (pas-de-deux)
April 3, 2011 Exam driving course ( single )
July 10, 2011 Ommegang Mater (six-in-hand)
July 10, 2012 Ommegang Mater (four-in-hand)
September 16, 2012 Paardekijkdag Oudenaarde (four-in-hand)
February 9, 2013 Indoor Torhout (single)
February 17, 2013 Indoor Torhout (tandem)
March 30, 2013 CAN 3 wedstrijd te Puurs - 1st place
April 14, 2013 CAN 3 wedstrijd te Brugge - 1st place
April 28, 2013 CAN 3 wedstrijd te Bornem - 1st place
1 - 2 June 2013 CAN 3 wedstrijd te Booischot - dressage and cones 1st place
15 - 16 June 2013 CAN 3 wedstrijd te Elsegem - 1st place
July 10, 2013 Ommegang Mater (mounted)


































MDR's Dark Gauke
(Sybren P x Marije)
2010 mare 
Owner famely Daneels-Vekeman