Reinou fan it Jachthûs



Friesian mare Stb Ster
Date of Birth : 04-04-1997
Inbreeding Coefficient 3.90 %
Height : 1m55
Royal Friesian Studbook


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Reinou came to us as a 3 year old. After the sad loss of our first friesian mare Lana, we wanted back a worthy replacement for her . The search was not easy, because our requirements were high. In Belgium, we found not what we were looking for. So we searched further in the Netherlands, but even there they didn't have much Friesian mares for sale. We ended up at Dekstation Gaasterland, far away in Friesland, but the mare we went to look at, was under option, and that people have taken her. Because we went there for nothing and had ridden so far, the owner showed us a mare that he really did not intend to sell, because he expected a lot of this horse. He was sure that this horse would become a star mare. The cost for this horse was a lot higher than we had in mind, but we wanted to see this unique horse anyway. I'll never forget the moment he came up with Reinou from behind the corner! It was like I saw my deceased mare Lana come over! That moment I knew that if this horse was correct, that she would be mine, I was in love! She started to run, the stars of the heaven! That man had not exaggerated in what she was worth! Luckily my parents were so sweet to jump in costs and a moment later I was overjoyed to me call the owner of this super horse: Reinou fan it Jachthûs! We were going to get her a few days later, it was snowing and freezing and it was 400 miles away, some job! We had to put towels so she could enter the trailer, but still that same evening she was at our stables! We were so proud!
Reinou was in foal to the stallion Fede 350 when we bought her and a few months later, her first daughter would come into the world: Feliene fan it Sint-Elooishof. And so our story in the friesian breeding started!

Reinou is still a beautiful mare! She has a really typical Friesian attitude during dressage under saddle, while driving in the carriage or just grazing in the meadow, you will always catch an eye on her. Very alert, the ears always forward! A beautiful head with a thoughtful and expressive eye! Reinou is a horse that you will always love to see, she's just got it all!
Her movements are phenomenal: large and yet much knee action and a well moving hind leg. She is very bright and noble, but is jet black in color, even in the summer months.

After the birth of her first foal in 2001, we went for the first time to a breeding day, namely the breeding day at Zolder. We did not know then how it went all in his work. Reinou was at that time not really trained, as she had a foal at foot. We had entered her that day for studbook examination and the best going riding horse, which was a review how she moves under saddle. In the studbook she obtained a nice third premium. After the show, one of the judges came to us and said that we had to go further with this horse, this horse had a lot of huge potential! He said that they could not give her a higher premium now because she was not trained and muscled at that moment with her foal at foot. He advised us to start her training right after weaning, and that then there would be a big chance to earn the star predicate. So we did so.
The following year, in 2002 we were lucky that there was a new breeding day in East Flanders, thanks to our contacts, in Zottegem. Reinou now had no foal at foot and she had indeed been properly trained. We were so thrilled when she was indeed declared as a star mare! And it went even further, she could also join in the championship 3 years and older, which she won with flying colors. Then the champion 3 years and older and the foal champion had to compete for the championship of the breeding day and weather Reinou was our winner! Could it be better for us? And certainly in our own region!
Since there was a breeding day in 2003 also in Zottegem, we decided to have us involved with Reinou, really just out of sympathy, because for achieving the same result twice , little horses succeeded. I was that dayat work as a ribbon lady, what I loved to do because I still went out of the thought that by that time our horse would be back already at ease on the trailer so I surely would have time. But look, it can still turn out differently, as even Reinou did it all over again! She was back the best in her class and was therefore entitled to join in the championship! Then she was again champion 3 years and older, and she also won unanimous the championship! I was handing out the ribbons and cup my own horse! That was really a goosebumps moment! But few horses manage to achieve this title! Second time in a row: Reinou was suddenly famous!

Reinou has a very good pedigree , especially bred for driving . Her father is Ulke 338, the multiple champion harness has the greatest profit sum of all time for a friesian horse . Ulke is from the stallion Tjimme and through his mother Fabiolaa from the legendary preferent stallion Reitse 272. Reitse is a son of the preferent Hearke 254. Reinou her dam line is also referred to as certainly well: it comes from the star mare Durkje T, who also comes from a star mare. Then there once is a brood mare between, but then we go back further with a star mare.



V.Ulke 338 V. Tjimme 275 V. Jochem 259
M. Tjimkje Stb Ster Pref
M. Fabiolaa Stb Ster Pref Prestm V. Reitse 272
M. Ljurkje Stb Ster Pref
M. Durkje T Stb Ster V. Herke 256 V. Mark 232
M. Stynke Stb Model Pref
M. Rebecca Stb Ster V. Tsjalling 235
M. Hitse

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2001 Breeding Show Zolder - studbook 3rd premium - best going riding horse 5th place
2002 Breeding Show Zottegem - 2nd premium Ster - champion 3 years and older - Grand champion - demo dressage and carriage
2003 Breeding Show Zottegem - starmares 1st place - Champion 3 years and older and Grand champion - demo on the long reins
  Marathon Brakel - dressage and cones 1st place , 3rd place after marathon
2004 Breeding Show Zottegem - starmares 1st place - Champion 3 years and older 2nd place
May 11, 2008 Ommegang Elsegem (chariot)
May 12, 2008  Castle Carriage ride Drongen (3-leaf clover)
May 18, 2008 Ommegang Sint-Goriks-Oudenhove (chariot) 
July 10, 2008  Ommegang Mater (chariot) 
July 13, 2008 Herzele Koetse (3 -leaf clover) 
August 24, 2008 Breeding Show Wachtebeke - demo dressage and driving
August 29, 2008 Exam chariot course
28 February - 1 March 2009 Flanders Horse Expo Ghent (dressage carousel and dressage kür on music)
May 3, 2009 Historical procession to Elsegem (in pair)
July 10, 2009 Ommegang Mater (mounted)
September 20, 2009 Paardekijkdag Oudenaarde (chariot)
December 5, 2009 Sinterklaasfeest PZ Vlaamse Ardennen (chariot)
26 - 28 February 2010 Flanders Horse Expo Ghent (dressage carousel and demo on long reins)
July 10, 2011 Ommegang Mater (6-in-hand driving team)
August 14, 2011 Ride family Degrieck (carriageway - cone course - obstacles)
June 17, 2012 Elegantierit Waregem (singles with original spider)
July 10, 2012 Ommegang Mater (four-in-hand driving team)
September 16, 2012 Paardekijkdag Oudenaarde (four-in-hand driving team)
July 10, 2013 Ommegang Mater (mounted)







































Feliene fan it Sint-Elooishof
(Fede 350 x Reinou)
2001 mare

Monte fan it Sint-Elooishof 
(Leffert 306 x Reinou)
2004 stallion 
Sold to Spain

Sanne fan it Sint-Elooishof
(Leffert 306 x Reinou)
2005 mare 
Owned by Andreas Van Apers