During my childhood I was bitten by the horse virus, so it was inevitable that these powerful animals would always be a part of my life. Horses were more than a hobby, it became a passion, a lifestyle! At my twelfth birthday I got my first horse, a major milestone! Meanwhile I became hooked on the beautiful Friesian horses, the beautiful black pearls, as they are called. With them I perform dressage and also driving.

When a very neglected miniature horses was placed with us, I came for the first time in contact with the miniature horse. I immediately lost my heart to these wonderful horses! Meanwhile several years have passed and we have managed to build a small herd: all American miniature horses, with a particular color, very good pedigree and what is especially important to me, excellent movements! All our horses are AMHA, AMHR, BMP and NMPRS registered. We are a member of the following studbooks: American Miniature Horse Association (AMHA) American Miniature Horse Registration (AMHR), Belgian Miniature Studbook (BMP) and Dutch Miniature Studbook (NMPRS).

And so MDR Horses and Miniature Horses was a fact! MDR stands for Miniatures, Driving and Riding, the three branches of equestrian where I'm most fond of!

Our horses are stabled on our farm St. Elooishof, located in the West-Flemish Espierres-Helchin.


It is not the quantity but the quality which is especially important for us. Our breeding purpose is to create a beautiful miniature horse with a special color and unique movement. All our horses are trained as driving horses and we also practise liberty dressage with some of them.

All our horses are color tested, DNA parentage qualified and also dwarf gene tested and hereby negative. So breeding with our stallion is always safe and when you buy a foal with us, you can be sure that you have a foal which is negative for the known dwarf genes.

Meanwhile, I'm doing all this with my partner Gerard Leijten. Gerard is known as a pair driver and trainer/coach. Together we now have Gerard Leijten Driving School, where you can go for instruction in carriage driving and dressage under saddle, as well as for the education and training of your horses.


We wish you a lot of fun looking at our treasures and hope you enjoy them as much as we do! Do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions or if you are interested in this wonderful breeds!


Valerie Deweer
MDR Horses and Miniature Horses